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Look stylish, always different and think green: RENT your styles on the RAGFAiR!

Hey guys! We are Lena and Natalia and we are new RAGFAiR project in Switzerland!

Do you want to show your individuality through your personal style? Do you want to be trendy and confident without spending too much? Hell, yes !!! We have an answer: let's change the way we shop and start renting clothes and not buying them.

Why we? ... Because we know how to do things through our background in business, design, marketing, art, fashion. We are international and we have a huge passion for fashion!

This idea wurde a project as we had similar issues and wanted to share our solution with others. When we were students, we did not have enough cash for a dream dress. Trying to look trendy, we Exchanged the clothing with our girlfriends. After graduating, while looking for a first serious job we borrowed eachother same suit. There was no point to buy it only for the job interview. Now, we visit happening events, we come in the same dress twice and the evil tongues gossip. At once, we do not want to fill up our wardrobes aimlessly and want to support sustainable shopping. So, answer to all issues thesis is RAGFAiR - the great fashion experience without limitations!

RAGFAiR will work as electronic platform where you will find big choice of clothing and accessories for any occasions. The goal of RAGFAiR is to give all fashion lovers and freaks to unlimited access to high-end fashion clothes from all over the world without spending a lot of money and time. The idea is to change the way people do the shopping: fashion can be rented!

We are building up RAGFAiR project in Zurich and for the moment we target all Switzerland. We aim to expand our web fair with interesting and unique clothes and in the same time to support gifted designers. The brands thatwill opt to be on our platform will consciously choose to Provide another alternative way for shopping and disposal of Their clothing. More Over, collaborating with us They Could check how long lasting are Their clothes in quality and style. RAGFAiR business concept Encourages new ways of sustainable fashion consumption and helps to avoid aimless shopping and overloading of our wardrobes. Our customers can get some of the clothing for a special occasion during short time. Or else, test some of the outfits thatthey want to buy, but not sure yet Whether it is the one.

We plan to launch our fair in the third quarter 2016 after crowdfunding campaign and right now running the crowdfunding campaign: and working on the blog:

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